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Buddy-Belt Seatbelt Cover

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Buddy-Belt Seatbelt Cover
Buddy-Belt Seatbelt Cover

You will say "Ahhh" with pleasure when these cute kneading kittens and quilted fabric surround your seat belt with chest cushioning comfort. The Buddy-Belt will help you and your passengers enjoy your car ride better. 


  • Material: 100% Cotton

  • Velcro closure

  • Padded for comfort

  • Sizes (Length): 

    • Small...........9.8" or 25 cm

    • Medium....11.42" or 29 cm

    • Large........13.78" or 35 cm

  • Note to customer: Medium/Large-sized Buddy-Belts would probably be more useful to adults than the Small-sized Buddy-Belt. Be sure to consider measurements before buying! 

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