About Cara Cats and Hikosen Cara

Team Cara Cats is a group of lighthearted members who enjoy using witty word puns to describe the cat products they offer on cara-cats.com as well as each of their alias names. Do you think you can decipher Team Cara Cats’ personalities through their cat names? If so, then read on.   

All members at Cara Cats are cat aficionados and artists. Cat-chup is Manager One, designer, creative writer, and painter. Purr-tee is Manager Two, product strategist, advertisement strategist, and jeweler. Radi-claw is designer, writer, product fulfillment specialist, and painter. Special attention to details such as original cat artwork packaging and social media announcements are all done in-house by Team Cara Cats. Together, their goal is to satisfy the cat-themed dress needs of humans by way of Hikosen Cara (their manufacturer)’s quality, cat-themed products.

Cara Cats is the US distributor and reseller of Hikosen Cara's cat-themed apparel and accessories. Hikosen Cara, a Japanese company, was established in 1980 and continues to design its unique line of high-quality garments, aprons, bags, and sundries. All of Hikosen Cara's designs include cats that often feature sewn-on appliqué with embroidered details.

When taken care of properly, Hikosen Cara's 100% cotton products can maintain their external appearances, like new, for many years. Hikosen Cara's cat-themed designs inspire harmony with nature and feelings of happiness, warmth, and affection for others.

Cara Cats is your love for cats —made into adorable, usable, wearable cat-themed clothing, bags, home goods, accessories and more!