🛷 Santa Claws is coming to town! 🛷


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Happy Holidays, cat connoisseurs!

 Get gifted some holiday cheer in your mailbox when you order Cara Cats for the cat lovers in your life! In addition to receiving up to 40% off some of our favorite items, from now until 12/27/2020, For every $50 you spend at cara-cats.com you may receive a free Lucky Charm with your order! You could get up to 4 Lucky Charms if you spend $200 or more! 

While you shop, add in the Lucky Charms you would like. If you qualify for the offer, you will see the discount reflected in your cart! 


This offer limits up to 4 Lucky Charms per customer. Spending thresholds are before taxes and shipping. Offer ends 12/27/2020 at 11:59 PST. 


Meet our Kitties! 
Gon is a reserved, virtuous, gentle character. His name sounds like the sound a bell makes. Gon’s real name is Gonnosuke. 

Kuro is the eldest, most mature one of the bunch and is a patient and cool cat. Kuro’s real name is Kuronori (which means Black Seaweed) because his fur is black like the popular Japanese food.


Tora means tiger in Japanese, but he is a bit of a scaredy cat. His best friend is Ashi, because Ashi is reliable and will catch mice for Tora. Tora’s real name is Torao. 


Ashi is clean, dexterous, and good at catching mice. Ashi was born in America but moved to Japan when he was a kitten, and his name derives from the abbreviation for his breed, A.S.H. (American Short Hair). His best friend is Tora!